What are Shares?

A share is a small intangible portion of a firm. When people purchase shares of a particular company, they become shareholders of that company.

Factors affecting Shares:


·       Supply & Demand 

Investor sentiment
Natural calamities
Current events
Interest rates
Government Policies

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The share trading in Dubai is as volatile as anywhere in the world. You would need an expert by your side for dealing in global stocks and shares. Geopolitical scenarios, climatic conditions, increased demand for the commodity, enhanced production of a specific item, sanctions on a country, and so on can affect the share market. A stockbroker in Dubai (or any other region) must monitor the indices and situations and take quick decisions. Even a minute of delay can adversely affect the investment.

Imagine the loss to the shareholder when a company turns bankrupt or it has been discovered that it made fake profit statements. Albeit constant analysis and financial evaluations by regulatory bodies, anything can go haywire. Hire the best one in stock trading in UAE, before you enter the world of shares. Experience, knowledge, skill and a proactive attitude are what define Seven Capitals.

Factors affecting stocks

Do you know the factors that affect the share market? Are you aware of the best-performing international shares and stocks? Do you want assistance from experts for ascertaining the global arena and picking the right international stock? Whether you are stock trading in Dubai or any other location anywhere in the world, these elements can influence the market. Some situations can change the course of the entire stock trading in UAE. At the same time, some others can alter the performance of a specific company’s or segment’s shares. An expert stock broker in Dubai would recognize the telltale indications early and institute corrective measures swiftly. The actions or corrective steps from the firm you pick for stock trading in UAE are decisive in many ways. Their evaluations and early actions can save you from peril as well as earn you the best profits. This fact makes it vital to choose an experienced and reliable stock broker in UAE. The factors that affect international stock trading in Dubai, UAE include:

Supply and Demand of Shares :

Supply and demand are decisive factors in the case of shares, as with products and services. Both increases in demand and a shortage of supply can raise their value. And the opposite can lead to the depreciation of their value. This is the first thing monitored by a stockbroker in Dubai. Economic data and interest rates also do have a role in this.

Interest Rates Revised by the Banking Authority :

Interest rates are revised periodically or on special occasions by the banking authority. The increased interest rate would lead to reduced borrowing capacity by the companies. Consequently causing a decreased profit. A cut down in the interest rate would mean that the companies can get more money to support their business operations. In turn, the profit would go up. So does the value of its shares. Many involved in share trading in Dubai take speculative decisions based on their presumptive calculations.

Political Situations :

Political situations have a direct relation with the stock market. A successful stockbroker in Dubai would be a keen observer of domestic and international political situations. A war, political crisis, friction between countries, etc can slow down growth and would be reflected in the share market. Stock brokers in UAE would keep them abreast of the situations across the world.

Natural Calamities and Pandemics :

Both natural calamities and pandemics impact the smooth flow of life. In the latest example, we saw how COVID-19 changed the course of lives around the globe. Businesses were interrupted, human movements were restricted, companies remained shut down, and whatnot for months altogether. Similarly, natural calamities create unforeseen havoc and result in nosediving of the share market. Quick decisions by those in stock trading in UAE in such circumstances can prevent losing a big amount. Timing of decision-making distinguishes a successful investor/ stock broker in Dubai from others.

Rate of Inflation :

The inflation rate directly indicates the country’s economic condition. People would be reluctant to spend during the phase of high inflation. Moreover, the purchasing and investment power goes down when inflation is high.

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What are the main factors that affect the value of a share?

Company performance is the prime factor that affects the value of a stock. Other factors that have a direct effect on the value of a share include inflation, political conditions, and natural calamity.

What does happen when a share is split?

The share broker must do necessary adjustments, as per the extant standards, when a share splits so that the client is able to handle it.

Is international stock trading a risky business investment?

Every investment in this world is risky, as does share market investment. International shares would offer the best return if one makes the right investment. Selection and trading of the shares have to be done diligently, especially with the support of an experienced share broker only. The share market is not risky if one invests carefully.

How to become a successful share market investor in Dubai?

Finding the best share broker, who would support and guide, is the first step to becoming a successful share market investor. The stock broker in Dubai would provide further assistance regarding the selection of shares, the right time to invest etc.  

Can a war in other countries affect the stock market in UAE?

A major war in any of the countries around the world can affect the stock market in UAE. Since many factors like demand and supply of commodities, political uncertainties, and impacted shipment can influence the market heavily.