What is Metal Trading?

Metals like gold and silver are assets that are bought and sold in the trading market.

Factors affecting Metals:

Supply and Demand
Government Policies
Investor sentiment
Interest rates
Current events

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Metal Trading in UAE

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Metal Trading

One can earn a profit on both the appreciation and depreciation of metal prices. That is the beauty of stock, forex, and precious metal trading. Only that, the investor must understand the tide and place the bet accordingly. Studying not only the market but also the geopolitical scenarios is crucial for making intelligent investment decisions.

The financial experts at 7 Capitals would analyse the market for you. And propose your investment options. Both rising and falling prices would deliver benefits through Contracts for Difference (CFD). Just that the trading decisions like futures, options, or spot prices have to be chosen based on the calculations.

Precious metal trading, as you can understand, doesn’t involve the physical transactions of metals. Those are bought and sold purely on paper. The financial gains would be transferred to your account.

Types of Precious Metals

Precious metal trading in UAE and other global financial hubs mainly involves gold and silver. The precious metals normally traded are:

  • Gold: Gold has an indispensable superiority over precious metals. Precious metal trading in Dubai revolves around this yellow metal primarily. Countries also consider gold as an investment option. Besides, the most-used metal for jewellery by common people. Therefore, it has unchallenged supremacy.
  • Silver: Silver is not costly as gold, but it has been another highly traded metal. Silver possesses high conductibility, anti-bacterial characteristics, and malleability. Making it an ideal choice for jewellery, batteries, purification of water, and dentistry.
  • Platinum: Platinum is costlier than gold. It is also used for multiple purposes including jewellery, dentistry, medicines, and making alloys. Investors can also opt for platinum also for precious metal trading.
  • Palladium: Palladium and platinum have the same origin and structure. Both are used for similar needs as well. Palladium is mainly used in the automobile industry.

Factors Affecting Precious Metal Trading

The price of the metals is the only thing that is monitored by an investor. A few factors affect how precious metal performs. An expert with in-depth knowledge of the market would be able to predict the market performance. By examining the global conditions and local reactions to new policies and other relevant elements. Some of the reasons for the rise or fall of precious metal prices include:

Supply and Demand:

Supply and demand is the basic factor that affects the price of any commodity. It is applicable in the case of precious metal trading also. Increased production, reduced demand, and other similar scenarios can impact the price of the metal negatively and vice-versa.

Geopolitical Uncertainty:

The price of precious metals like gold would go up (normally) during geopolitical crises. Gold’s importance, as well as, its identity as a safe investment option would turn more investors towards it. Boosting the price of gold.

Value of Dollar:

USD is the widely accepted currency for international transactions. Total USD available and gold reserve with a country would state how sustainable it is. Whenever the USD falls, investors would consider precious metals as an alternative investment option. Raising the value of gold and other precious metals.

Interest on Financial Investment:

Interest rates announced by the federal reserve are another factor that determines the momentum of precious metal trading. It would gain if the interest rates are reduced.

Investor Sentiments:

Investor sentiments is another factor that can affect metal trading positively or negatively. Understanding the wave is vital for reaching an advantageous decision.

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