Trade precious Metal pairs including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Precious and base metals have topped over the chart all these years and have been considered to be the safest investments. Precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum are also considered to be all over the counter (OTC) which means that buying and selling these commodities doesn’t involve the physical movement of them. The algorithms used while metal trading is similar to that of the common trading of forex and stocks which means purchasing a metal at a low value and selling it off on a profitable margin when prices are respectively high.

Metal trading is not only limited to Gold trading but if you look at the wider picture you can see a wide range of products in which you can trade. For example, Gold has been the king for the yesteryears but silver, platinum, and base metals that include copper, zinc, aluminum, nickel, and lead are also profitable.

Why gold trading is the most common form of metal trading?

Gold is considered a precious metal because of its various properties such as malleability and it is the only metal that is naturally yellow in color. Gold is most actively traded because of its wide range of uses. Across the globe gold is most commonly used in every other household in the form of Jewelry, electronics and also a major part is held by reserves central banks. Gold has always shown a constantly large supply and demand, influenced by market uncertainty, inflation, and risks.

How to trade Metal?

Precious metal trading can be done by




The contract for difference or CFD account allows you to invest in price movements in several financial markets regardless of whether they’re rising or falling.




Allows to directly invest in the physical gold coins and bars and an enormous space to store them.



Online metal trading futures gives high liquidity and leverage for potential profits but also involves a risk of losses.



This is similar to bullion but without the hassle of transporting the metal and storing it.

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Freedom of trading

You can trade anyway you want to according to your need. Beginner or an experienced, Day trader or a long term investor, we cater to everyone multiply understanding their requirements.