Trade the global markets shares and capitalize on the growth leading companies

Trading stocks and shares has been one of the most exciting investment opportunities for many people. In fact, plenty of people have become rich with shares trading – they simply knew when to invest in what and made the most of their well informed decision.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of sectors, industries, and countries to choose from when trading shares. At Seven Capitals, we make the process easy with our MT4 and MT5 (MetaTrader) platform support and let you trade shares in a few clicks.

How can you make money from shares trading?

By using our unique investment platform, you can trade shares and make profits over time. Basically, shares let you buy a stake in a company (a certain percentage) which makes you eligible to gain profits or get called a dividend from the company’s earnings.

Also referred to as equity trading, shares trading gives the owner direct equity in the company they have chosen to invest in. From TESLA to Netflix, Amazon and others, there are countless companies you can leverage and make a well informed decision by investing in them.

However, you should know that share trading is a diverse and exciting market that has its risks, too. You should trade carefully and always make informed decisions, mostly because of the many factors that can influence share prices (mergers, company news, earnings, bankruptcy, wider market events, etc.

Giving you access to shares from all around the globe

Seven Capitals gives you access to shares from all around the world. We support many shares and encourage our traders to dive into more trading opportunities.

However, as a responsible investment company, we again advise you that greater volatility can create more trading opportunities, but also brings greater risk. Therefore, you should trade at your own risk and only invest the money you are willing to sacrifice.