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What is XAG/USD

As the name suggests, the forex pair consists of silver and the USD. AG is the name of silver in the periodic table. The pair of silver and the USD together is a very popular commodity

Frequently Asked Questions

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Silver is available as futures and also as the forex pair XAG/USD.


Silver is set to increase to a record high and will hence be an ideal investment for people who are looking for high returns.


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XAG/USD Trading

As the name suggests, the forex pair consists of silver and the USD. AG is the name of silver in the periodic table. The pair of silver and the USD together is a very popular commodity pair that is in demand in the forex market. The reason they are in demand is because both components of XAG/USD correlate well with each other. The stability of silver is what makes them depend on each other when in survival mode.

Silver is one of the most popular financial commodities on the market. Just like gold, silver is also traded in the forex market by pairing up and trading in the USD. Before paper currencies came into existence, silver and gold were thoroughly used as the mode of currency. The value of the US dollar is something that doesn't need to be said, as it is one of the most stable and effective currencies in the world as of now. It is a common currency and is traded actively in the stock market. Many countries around the world have changed their currencies to the dollar to get the benefits that the dollar showcases. Any type of global economic event that occurs anywhere in the world is also used to evaluate the currency.

Why trade in XAG/USD?

The profits and returns that one gets from the forex pair in and of themselves are the main reason why investors or traders are investing in the pair. Here are some other defined reasons as to why people are investing in XAG/USD:

Safe Haven

The forex market is a highly volatile market, and anyone who wants to invest in it will be looking for an asset that poses lower risk and potentially higher returns. When there are highly volatile situations ahead, it will be extremely dangerous to invest in forex pairs during this time, as it may lead the investor to incur huge losses. During this time, investors move towards investing in XAG/USD as both components are stable.

Inflation Crisis

Currently, the USA is facing a severe inflation crisis. And it has been quite familiar to see how the dollar’s value is declining because of this inflation situation. It affects other financial assets and stocks as well. Inflation has actually contributed to the rise of the forex pair XAG/USD. If the investor is investing in long positions, then now is the time to invest in XAG/USD.

Market Liquidity

The two most liquid forex pairs in the market are EUR/USD and GBP/USD. XAG/USD follows these pairs right behind in terms of liquidity. Understanding the daily volume with which XAG/USD is being traded shows the popularity of the pair among investors. It has the lowest spreads and maximum liquidity. Trading in the commodity thus becomes easier, as there are many takers for this commodity pair. The high liquidity of the commodity is important for people who are effectively involved in the market.

Tips to invest in XAG/USD

Understanding the forex market and investing in it should be done only after careful research and learning. Here are some tips that you need to look through before investing in XAG/USD:

Market Direction

The dollar is the currency that sets the market’s direction, and almost the entire liquidity of the other forex pairs also has a dependency on moving along the line that the dollar dictates. Taking and watching the dollar is indeed the best way to check and understand what is going to happen with silver as a commodity in forex. Anything that happens in the world and any related economic events can actually affect the dollar. The volatility of the dollar is something that is not predictable. So, it is necessary to look into the dollar's prices because as they increase, silver’s value decreases, and vice versa.

Range Trading

The use of support and resistance levels for entering the market for trading needs to be identified. The highest levels in the chart are called resistance levels, and the lowest points are called support levels. When the price is reaching a resistance level, you  ought to sell the commodity, and when the price reaches a support level, you will need to buy the commodity. The resistance level will no longer be valid if it moves past the expected resistance level.

Factors that affect XAG/USD

Supply and demand: the supply and demand of the commodities will have a great impact on the market value of the asset or commodity. If the demand of silver is strong but if its delivery is limited, then the prices will rise and vice-versa. 
The aerospace and ship industry: The United States of America is the biggest exporter of aeroplane parts and boats, ships, etc. The changes in these industries can impact the market of XAG/USD. 
Unemployment rate: As unemployment rates rise, the government will be forced to provide for those who are affected. This will eventually affect the reserve currency and hence the XAG/USD.


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