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What is GBP/USD pair?

Enter the prolific world of forex trading! Explore GBP/USD trading, traditionally known as "trading the cable," and earn benefits. Our professional

Frequently Asked Questions

GBP/USD trading in London/ UK is open from 7 AM to 4 PM and in New York/ USA from 1 PM to 10 PM (Both in UTC).


11 AM UAE standard time is an ideal session for GBP/USD trading. As a high volume of trading occurs in this session. The intersection of the US and the Europe market is also optimal.

Generic advice regarding the strategy for GBP/USD trading is not possible. The strategy has to be chosen depending on the market situation. Investors normally follow political decisions, news from either country, policy announcements etc. for determining the strategy. Trade breakouts in the pair are a normally followed strategy in GBP/USD trading.

It is definitely advisable to go for GBP/USD trading. Forex trading in GBP/USD offers great profit prospects. The volatility, which results in a big range of fluctuation daily can be explored to reap more profit. Of course, this also poses a risk element as well. Nonetheless, earning profit is not difficult if one has the support of an expert mentor.

GBP/USD is one of the oldest and most popular pairings. The strong business ties and natural bonding between both the US and the UK have resulted in increased transactions of Pound Sterling and US dollars. These reasons have led to the increased popularity of GBP/USD trading.

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Trade this currency with our expert brokers.

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GBP/USD trading

This currency pair has had a high trading volume, especially owing to its global acceptance. USD is the reserve currency as well as the one for base evaluation for currencies around the world, it is the common factor in all the majors. You can benefit from forex trading if you invest at the right time in the right currency.

 Guidance from our experts, based on the analysis of factors that affect the valuation, would help you get phenomenal profits from the market.

Reading the GBP/USD Price 

 Geopolitical scenarios, domestic and international factors, natural calamities, and whatnot can influence the value of a currency. The UK economy has a direct effect on how GBP would fair. GBP / USD investing should be decided only after a proper assessment of the market.

 Revision of interest rates, the revelation of GDP data, inflation, labour market conditions, etc. can lead to the strengthening or weakening of the GBP. Similarly, rises or declines in commodity prices, fluctuations in the cost of metals, the oil crisis, and oil price changes can also have a direct impact on the GBP value.

 On the other hand, labour market conditions, unemployment levels, inflation, changes in interest rates, federal reserve status, and NFP are influential in the case of the USD. Any changes happening anywhere in the world may also improve or reduce the value of the USD.

 History of the GBP/USD trading

Once upon a time, Britain ruled the entire world. Renowned as the "empire where the sun never sets," it controlled the world economy. The pound sterling had become the de facto reserve currency globally. The first world war that started in 1914 changed the scenario entirely. By 1920, the USD had caught up to the GBP and slowly took over control of the world economy.

With the Bretton Woods Monetary System that was established in the 1940s, the GBP was pegged to the GBP. Nonetheless, the subject system was dissolved in the 1970s. And the pound sterling, as well as, other currencies, became free. Thus opening up a possibility for GBP/USD trading. Forex options for all the other currency pairs also opened up subsequently.

Presently, the USD holds the top position among the currencies held as reserves by countries around the world. The pound, or GBP, comes in third place after the euro. GBP/USD investing is a highly profitable choice if done correctly.

Major Bodies Influencing the GBP/USD Price Drivers

 Monetary conditions, policy changes, cash reserve conditions, and many other factors can affect the value of a currency. A keen analysis must precede entering the field of GBP/USD investing. The professional team at Seven Capitals would handhold you and take you to a world of prosperity through guidance on the right investment options.

 A few key factors in GBP/USD trading are:

  • The monetary policy of either nation
  • The GBP rate released by the Bank of England every month can influence the GBP/USD trading
  • Similar to the previous point, the US Federal Reserve releases the rates eight times annually. Corrections/ variations in the global market occur subsequent to the rate announcements.
  • Employment and unemployment statistics released by the Office of National Statistics, UK and Bureau of Labour Statistics, US. The numbers can create a volatile GBP/USD trading scenario.

Those involved in GBP/USD investing should monitor political news as well. Since it has an undeniable role in forex trading.

Why Choose Seven Capitals for GBP/USD trading 

Seven Capitals would be your mentor, guide, and constant support, besides being the ideal platform for GBP/USD forex trading. Investment in the right sector at the right time is what we assure each of our clients. The unique features that keep us apart from the competitors include:

1. State-of-the-art technical analysis, using exclusive methodologies. The predictive assessment derived from our observation skills, evaluation techniques, and systematic approach makes decision-making clear and optimistic. Aiding those looking to go for GBP/USD investing.

2. Fundamental analysis of the global market vis-à-vis The scenario offers a clear insight into market performance. Based from extensive studies, we are able to provide foolproof guidance that will deliver assured returns.

3. Our executives are available for you around-the-clock. With 24x7 customer support, our clients can reach out to us anytime, any day.

Connect with us today if you are looking for GBP/USD trading options. We are at your service always.


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