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Our Story

Since its inception, Seven Capitals has footed its mark as a premier fiscal trading firm, committed to serve its legion of clients from various financial backgrounds.

We have grown at a steady rate with our clients' monthly trading volume reaching 21.6 billion USD in August 2020, and our number of active traders surpassing 30,721 globally. Today, we are a leading, awarding-winning organization that offers a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve your trading goals.


Our goal is to become preeminent market leaders and gain an outstanding clientele by incorporating the principles of our client-focused philosophy geared towards achieving customer satisfaction and the resulting commercial growth.


We aim to make trading more accessible and comprehensible to the common person, and thereby create opportunities for financial freedom among the public.



Sevens capitals just made to the list of highest active traders in Q1 2023

Strategies and Approach

Developing effective methodologies and approaches

Track Record and Performance

Demonstrating a history of consistent growth

Risk Management

comprehensive risk assessment and monitoring

Technology and Infrastructure

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies

Social Responsibility

Promoting ethical trading practices

Compliance and Regulation

Adhering to stringent regulatory frameworks

Why Us?

Absolute Transparency

We adhere to a strong code of ethics that helps build solid relationships and assures client success.

Assured Safety

Take advantage of our safe and secure trading platform, backed by reliable contrivances and technical support.

Fast Execution

At Seven Capitals, we abide by a strict no-rejection and no-requote policy that allows us to execute over 99% of orders per second, thus affording our clientele a fast, fair, and credible trading experience.

Extensive Knowledge

Our seasoned team of experts bearing a wealth of experience, are well-versed in the best industry practices, helping you achieve the best results by maximizing opportunities and profits.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are committed to offering premium customer support to our extensive clientele, furnishing them with the right resources and tools to enhance their trading practices through sound business advice and plenty of financial opportunities. Our website is available in 2 languages and we provide customer support in 7 languages with round the clock services in English and Arabic.

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