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Mohammed Shaheen
‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door’!

Well this saying is somewhat going hand in hand with the year 2020 where unfortunately many people lost their respective jobs, many businesses seen the lows. The world was financially stuck, but there was one profitable investment that kept flourishing, GOLD Trading!

Banks made huge profits from gold as investors flood into the market fractured by the coronavirus. The juicy rewards seen in the market was a great upliftment for those who thought that gold investment market is going to sink.


Most of us get indulged in the thoughts about the right time of investment, and the right amount to be invested. Well, to answer this question simply, here are the few pointers given below:

  1. Start with the minimum amount rather than targeting on the higher amounts of investment.

  2. Be consistent with your time- to- time investments.

  3. Check for your yearly bonuses and imply it in your next investment as the motto is to double your growth with each investment.

  4. Before investing make sure you know your Entry and Exit point.

  5. The last and the most important pointer, if you want to gain a free trading experience, just start with the Unlimited FREE DEMO Account with Seven Capitals

However, expert says, there is no right or the wrong time to make your first Gold trading move. All you need to keep in mind is that you are well aware about the market and you are keeping the track of your Trading records.

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