Tips For Successful Forex Trading in Dubai

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Forex trading is the new age trend of intelligent investing. Gone are the days when investing only meant making fixed deposits in banks. The crowd of today is ready to plan well and invest in areas that will give them better returns than investing in fixed deposits. These investments, however, are not particularly safe, but with proper understanding, they can easily appear to be the best savings option.

Forex trading in Dubai has been gaining momentum among the young crowd in the past few years. What was once thought to be a high-end investment has now emerged as a good source of revenue for those with a solid understanding of how the forex market operates. Not taking the time to learn even the basics and investing in something without prior knowledge is definitely a bad decision. So, before investing in forex trading, consider these tips to avoid making mistakes in investing.


1. Don’t strive to be rich instantly

There are many people who think that investing in forex trading in Dubai is the best way to pool money in a short period of time. This is where everyone is wrong. Forex trading in Dubai, like any other trading opportunity, is subject to a lot of risks, and not having clarity on these elements will eventually lead to losing money rather than gaining it. The first step when you plan to invest in forex trading is to study the market and understand its ups and downs. Most people invest huge sums of money in forex trading and lose this money within the blink of an eye. Investments have to be made after a careful analysis of the possible losses rather than the profits that you might gain from them.

2. Understand the market scenarios

Beginners in forex trading in Dubai, choose novice and unknown currency pairs to invest in. They invest in these currency pairs without understanding how they work in the market. This decision will have a higher chance of costing the person the money he or she has invested. Before investing in the currency pair, try to understand the different global phenomena that will affect the standing of the currencies. This will help you make informed decisions. Different market situations will require you to invest in different ways; keeping a close eye on how the market works is another way to make sure your investments do not go to waste. Imitating someone who has other intentions with their investment strategy is not a wise move. Some people invest knowing the extreme risks of their move, and they might have enough backup to cover the losses. So, have a proper strategy of your own before planning to trade in the forex market.

3. Don’t do too much leverage

Leveraged trading in the forex market is something that garners too much attention from the crowd. This means that you can borrow capital on a short-term basis from your forex broker in Dubai and invest it in the market to control a bigger position. Through this, you are investing little, and if the market works in your favor, you are able to maximize your profits effectively. However, overdoing your trade size with no understanding or predictions on how the market will unfold is a huge risk. There is a high possibility that your loss can equal the amount you have invested, and even in the worst-case scenario, you can lose more than you invested. Getting the right guidance from your broker and choosing the right forex broker in Dubai will help you make fruitful decisions.

Developing a trading strategy

To make your own trading strategy, you have to be educated about the market and how it functions. Do not start trading in the forex market until you have a clear understanding of the different terms, how to choose the right currency pair to invest in, etc. Most beginners invest right away and suffer losses. They will never take a second stance on forex trading in UAE. It is to dedicate some time to observing the market and then gradually deciding on how much to invest and what to put your money into. The trading strategy that you are curating should include:

  • Frequency of trading as intended
  • the time of day you intend to trade
  • the technical indicators you intend to employ
  • Buy/sell signals you plan to use
  • Risk and reward projections for each trade;
  • a daily stop-loss cap to safeguard your entire capital base

5. Never stop learning

The forex market is accustomed to changes, and it never stays the same. The volatility of the market is what makes it highly profitable for investments. This means that you can’t learn about forex trading once and be done with it. There has to be a constant effort on your part to learn and understand the changes and incorporate them into your trading strategies. Try and learn new tactics, engage with new tools, do frequent analysis on the investments, and make necessary changes as and when needed.

The correct motivation to trade is the most important element when it comes to trading forex. Successful traders do not just think about profits and losses; they are more invested in the process of trading.

We, at Seven Capitals, provide the most helpful and understanding to all new investors in the forex trading market. Since our inception, we have been focused on providing the most explicit results and faster execution when serving clients from different financial backgrounds. Trust us to make your forex trading an inevitable journey.

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