The Gold rush for the year 2020

Mohammed Shaheen
Gold is one of the tangible assets yet simple to invest and earn profits. Gold has always been one of the safest forms of investment. If we go back to ancient times, gold was considered as the currency to trade and barter. The Gold assets have been the favorites from the centuries and if we talk about the current situation it’s still nonetheless.


The year 2020 has been the toughest year for the world if we look at the broader picture of the Economic and Financial Market. The wave of coronavirus was still new and people already had a fear of going to the extreme lows in their respective businesses. But if we look at the graph of Gold futures, the market has shown a graph of POSITIVE response.

While the big MNCs ad their stocks were facing a crash, Gold proved out to be a Safe-Haven for the investors.

If we talk numbers, gold topped $2,000 an ounce for the first time ever in early August, which made gold to be an Asset-Class, and a first option for the investors to tackle the ongoing market uncertainty.


If we go back to the year 2008-2009, when the world saw the Global Financial Crisis, gold did subtly well and did less loss the investors.

Analyzing the 2019 market, the US dollar index (DXY) ended 2019 with its smallest-ever annual move, up just 0.24%. Meanwhile, gold was up 18.8% last year.

Gold and the US dollar are inversely correlated about two-thirds of the time (when one rises the other tends to fall, and vice versa).

Dollar Index against major currencies that circulate widely outside the country of issuance. Although the correlation is not perfect, the inverse relationship is quite strong and bull and bear markets in gold coincide with the bear and bull trends in the U.S. dollar.

Well to conclude the entire analysis, let’s not forget that Gold has been in a BULL market since 2001 and the current situation looks promising for the Investors.

So what are you waiting for, Start Gold trading today!

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