Profitable Trading: Your Guide to Becoming a Better Trader

Mohammed Shaheen

Trading is the practice of buying and selling goods and services with the purpose of earning profits while attempting to offset any potential losses incurred during the process. Over the years, trading has continued to pick up pace with an increasing number of individuals taking up the practice either to supplement their income or as a prospective career path. 

Strategies to Adopt

In order to make the most out of your trading prospects, it is essential to have a solid strategy plan in place. You can adopt the following steps to become a skilled trader and maximize your profits:

1. Adhere to one key trading plan

Although day trading opens the doors to several profitable opportunities, it is important to develop and stick to a key trading strategy. While creating a trading plan for yourself, make sure to consider the type and number of shares or currencies you wish to trade, the total number of trades you intend to do on a given day, while also keeping a record of all the profits and losses you incur. Profit optimization calls for expert advice. At Seven Capitals, our seasoned industry experts can assist you in developing an effective trading scheme to help you maximize profits and minimize losses. 

2. Invest money you can afford to lose 

It is a well-known fact that while intraday trading paves the way for higher earnings and several profits, it is also, notably, a practice that comes with huge risks. This is why it is important to adopt risk management strategies and invest only what you can afford to lose. In other words, trading a higher amount can lead to bigger and more detrimental losses. With time and experience, you will learn to become a more circumspect trader skilled in taking calculated risks. Our team of financial specialists are renowned experts in managing risks while trading. Contact us today to explore safe trading strategies and effective risk management techniques.  

3. Select the right stocks to trade on 

Some stocks are well-suited for day trading while some are not. As a day trader, it is important for you to identify stocks that are best suited for intraday trading sessions. While selecting the stocks that you wish to trade on, consider those from a financial sector that you are most familiar with and ones that adhere to market trends while also being less volatile and easy to trade on. At Seven Capitals, you can avail of our extensive stock portfolio and competitive spreads to trade CFDs on multiple shares at 0% overnight fees. 

4. Fix the right value for an entry, exit, and stop-loss  

The key to achieving a good trade is knowing when to enter and exit it. Therefore, it is important to set a stop-loss level as part of your risk management strategy to cushion you against market turbulence while also decreasing your losses. Seven Capitals prides itself in being able to provide suitable risk management services to its clientele. Get in touch today to learn more about effective risk management strategies.  

5. Limit orders over market orders 

Yet another way to manage your risks is by setting a limit order which lets you make calculated trading moves prior to the actual trade. This way the trade is concluded as soon as it reaches the limit price, which stops you from being possibly lured by market orders. Reach out to one of our specialists today to know more about limiting risks while trading with Seven Capitals. 

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